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A New Home, A New Chapter

The Year of Creativity, Focus and New Beginnings

I left my home.
I sacrificed my past self to the altar of transformation.

A Feeling We Share

At certain times in your life, you feel like leaving it all behind and starting a new chapter in your story. I’ve read about many courageous people who chose to take back responsibility and control over their lives.

They started new jobs. They finally lost that weight. They started learning how to master their craft. They broke up with their toxic, significant others. They decided to stop giving a fuck about the opinions of the masses.

These people are brave. It takes guts to completely overhaul who you have been in order to evolve into your personal legend. Sometimes, you have to take a leap of faith.

You have accepted who you were, you look forward to who you are aiming to become.

But to break through certain limits, you have to invest in yourself and others, make thoughtful decisions regarding your future, and take some risks along the way. These are definitely the hardest struggles you will ever endure, but they are also the most worthwhile.

The people who’ve been following my progress know that I’ve had my fair share of struggles like any ordinary person.

A Flashback To Who I used To Be

If you are new to my humble scribblings, first of all, thank you for spending some time with me.

My name is Joren. I’m your typical misfit.

  • I was severely bullied from childhood to adulthood.
  • My maximum weight was 220 lbs/100 kg (I’m 1.78m).
  • I failed in school repeatedly.
  • I was in a toxic relationship for 7 years, and I blame myself as much as the person I used to be with.
  • Goals, motivation, confidence and hard work used to mean nothing to me.
  • I consider myself an “almost-former-alcoholic” because I drank myself into oblivion 2–3 times every week. I got out of it just in time.
  • I was irresponsible, whiny, envious and insecure.

You know, all the typical stuff. True nonetheless.

I’m still very much flawed. But I’m only moving forward. We’re all a work in progress.

The Reason I Decided To Move To A Different Country

I need my creativity, and I want to make it the center of my being.

I want to be of service to young people who struggle with the same things I used to (and still do) struggle with. I want to become a leader — a voice you can trust, and relate with.

My goal is to help thousands of people in conquering their fears, pursuing their calling, and living a life filled with freedom, love, truth, and fulfillment. The best way for me to accomplish that is through art.

Spending my time and energy on polishing my creativity is what makes my life meaningful. It might not render sufficient money at the start, it might not seem rational to the people around me, but it makes me happier than anything else does.

This is my focus. This is my leap of faith.

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Image Credits : Hermann Traub

I’m willing to scrape by, live small, ask for help, be thought of as foolish or weird, feel scared and feel lonely, be little, be uncomfortable, cry, struggle and suffer, be laughed at, be judged, experience failures — and whatever else life deems necessary for me to endure.

Giving up is not an option.

If you’re interested in reading about this in more detail, check out this story I wrote before my departure.

The past 3 weeks were a bit chaotic. My girlfriend and I moved out of our place in Belgium, stayed with my mother and her boyfriend for a week, and ultimately moved to Budapest on January 6. There was a lot of planning, packing and unpacking involved. We needed a short break.

Now, being well rested after a first week in the cold, yet beautiful Budapest, I’m ready to go all in. I’ve never been more crazy and excited in my life.

This is a decision I’ve been wanting to make for years

There is no “plan B”. I don’t really believe in that method for myself, because “plan B” becomes the safety net. This safety net tends to become “Plan A”, and then you’re living the rest of your life on “Plan B”.

For this reason, I will be publishing 5+ articles every week from now on. I want to work hard for this. I want to prove to myself that I can do this.

This is the year of creating. Articles, music, videos, website, online courses — all are included.

I’ve been planning and conceptualizing projects I will be focusing on, along with my other articles. Let me introduce you to what’s coming your way.

New Series

Tales Of The Gentleman & The Kid

  • 1 Short Tale every month (frequency might increase). Starting In March

Writing short stories is still somewhat uncharted territory for me, but I’m up for a challenge. I wrote this one a few months ago.

I was blown away by the positive feedback Michael Thompson, Jordan “J” Gross and Brian Kurian so generously offered me. They inspired me to pursue this project and turn it into a series. Thanks you guys.

These are the tales about a kid and a gentleman. A student and a teacher.

A boy needs a good man as a role model to help guide him into adulthood. Life is full of positive and negative experiences, vices and virtues, rights and wrongs, do’s or don’ts.

Children and young-adults need someone wise and experienced to learn from — about themselves and the world. They need a teacher, a mentor, a guardian, a true friend.

This is what I try to bring to life with these stories.
A boy’s journey into manhood with the help of a sage.

The Budapest Shenanigans

  • A new episode every month, starting in April

Based on a true story about a voyage into the unknown, some drunken escapades, adventure, romance and love.

These chronicles are about two best friends taking a month-long vacation to one of Europe’s biggest, touristic capitals: Budapest.

The Journey To The Best Shape Of Our Lives

  • A three-part series. One new, detailed update at every end of the month, starting in April — May.

A future “documentary” of the physical metamorphosis I will undergo, starting in March.

I’ve been obese for the majority of my life. 3 years ago, after months of research and experimenting, I finally found the discipline to go from 220 lbs/100 kg to 140lbs/64 kg.

I tried all the famous diets and exercises: 6 meals a day, high-carb diet, Ketogenic diet (or low-carb & high-fat), slow-carb diet, intermittent fasting — you name it.

My next goal is to reach 10–12% body fat, with a solid amount of muscle. I’m not talking about “bulking”, and I’m no fan of starving myself either.

Burning fat, building muscle.

We’re making all of this too complex, and I consider it my mission to simplify everything for you without asking tons of money for it. On the contrary, it will be free, and it will be fun.

I’m not a doctor, nor an expert, but I’ve researched and experimented enough to consider myself capable of being someone who can give you some advice. What works both for me and tons of other people might work for you as well.

I want you to lose weight and gain muscle in a healthy, natural way.

In other words, I’m going to put myself on the line.

Everything I do, I will explain in detail, backed up by scientific research.

I will write about:

  • Nutrition
  • Exercises/Movement = Cardio, Strength, Endurance

And yes, there can be some pictures too.
Let’s realize this goal together.

Valuable Stories You Wrote This Week

  • 1 compilation of articles (you wrote) on Sundays

Every week, I will collect my favourite pieces I read from you. It is my goal to create a treasury where everyone can spend their time reading striking, emotional and uplifting stories from people all around the globe.

It doesn’t matter who you are, how many followers you have, where you’re from or how experienced you are. If your story touched me, inspired me, or even kicked me in the arse, then I want to support you how I can without asking anything in return.

I like diversity, so you can expect all kinds of articles, whether its personal development, poetry, short stories, writing advice, opinion pieces or rants.

I decided not to put these collections behind the paywall for now, as that would make me feel a bit selfish. Although every interaction and support is much appreciated if your article gets included, I don’t want you to feel like you have to. This is something that I decided to do because it simply makes me feel good about myself both as a writer and as the person behind the writer.

This should be done for its own sake, not for the praise or recognition

I want my success to also be yours, and to feel like your success can, in some way, also be mine. I don’t believe in competition in creativity. We help each other, we grow together. That’s the way to go, in my opinion.

I want synergy. I believe we can be in this together if we would choose to be so. Writers supporting writers.

Here are some valuable stories to read or revisit from last week.

Ongoing Series

5 Timeless Pieces Of Wisdom From A Sage

  • 2 new chapters every month. Returning in the first week of April.

This is probably my favourite passion project.

Not only does it improve my writing, because it requires my to deeply understand the works of the greats, it also improves my character, my confidence, my sanity and relationships. It calms me the F down.

You see, this series is mostly about collaboration and chemistry.

I reach out to friends and colleagues I admire who might be interested in working together with me, to provide our readers with a refreshing, innovative concept that has the potential of guiding you to a better life. We want to offer you some nourishment for the soul.

We both pick one of our favourite sages, philosophers or thinkers, and we choose 5 admirable quotes to each share our thoughts on.

What makes this fun, is that 2 different writers have their own style. I want every person I work with to be their unapologetic self. The one important thing, though, is that this series’ purpose is to help people.

Two different voices, one connected message.

I want this project to blossom into something truly beautiful, so that, one day, I might even have the cojones to call upon the biggest writers here. So, Anthony Moore, one day my friend, one day…

All jokes aside, I’m respectful of their time and engagement.
I’m patient, yet persistent.

*I will also do a solo chapter from time to time.

Here are the first two chapters, both with individuals whom I equally loved working with:

Chapter I: Lao Tzu — With Danny Forest

Chapter II: Viktor E. Frankl — With N.A. Turner

Chapter III: Jordan B. Peterson — March


I want to thank everyone who has stood by me ever since I started publishing on this platform. Thank you for your kind words and motivation.

I’m going to mention some people I appreciate (those who I haven’t already mentioned in this article).
Some I know for months, others I just met.

If this is the only section of the article you read, I’m already glad that you know that I’m grateful for being a particle in your life.

Chris Thompson, Kamga Tchassa, Snuffles23, George J. Ziogas (twice in 2 days, my apologies ;)), Iva Ursano, Mike Arnold, Jeff Barton, Jon Brosio, Michael Shook, Leo Alexander.

There are always more people to thank.

Speaking of…my dear readers, thank you for your time and patience.

See you in the next one,

Writer & Video Editor of “Wolves Don’t Obey” on Youtube and Medium. We stand for Creativity, Courage, Focus & Performance— with a few rants.

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