At the root of hate lies confusion, pain and loneliness.

When you experience people spewing hate and dissonance, remember that there is hurt at the root of it. If you…

Value first, fans second, money third.

If you solely create content with an income in mind, you’re doing it wrong. The first thing you should think about is how your…

They will tell you it’s a waste of time until you start earning money.

People who’re not familiar with the artist’s life will define your talent and sanity by your level of income. Friends and family will do this as well, however wonderful and caring they might be in other areas.

You’re not receiving the support you crave because they don’t comprehend precisely how essential creativity and freedom are to you. Their view of the world is influenced — and sometimes limited — by whatever occupation they settled. Recognizing this can help mitigate your negative emotions.

Fulfill your duties as…

Great art is a mixture of bravery and ignorance.

You have to be brave enough to boldly pursue that which you want to achieve, with the right amount of ignorance…

Story matters most.

People need to feel something when they’re consuming your content. You also have to give your audience the reason why it matters early. When you order a…

Great work requires solitude.

Masters of their craft receive praise in public for what they strenuously cultivated for years in solitude. The audience doesn’t take part in the grind. They…

Finishing projects is what predominantly advances your skills.

The internet provides us with a plethora of resources for studying. We can hop from one course or teacher to the next — and that’s precisely what we do. Voluminous amounts of information overwhelm us. They cause self-doubt.

Meanwhile, we’re spending significantly more time on learning the tiniest details instead of sharpening our creative arsenal through producing. Successful creators and athletes insist that the most extensive progress emerges from doing. Yet, we convince ourselves to ‘wait until we’re good enough’.

Create →Finish →Release →Repeat.

You’ll learn more from ending numerous projects than you will from motionless tweaking just that one. Creativity is a muscle: For it to develop and amplify — like any other body part — it has to stay in motion. Have patience and push through failure. Shrug it off. The odds will come to be in your favor.

Be Mindful of the Game You’re Playing.

We all participate in various social, financial, mental and emotional games throughout our different life cycles. Some choose to actively invest in them…

There’s nothing constructive or revelatory about a downvote. Either enjoy a video or skip it entirely. Many people will dislike something merely to weaken the creator — even using multiple…

A list of things we miss from the good old days

Photo by Andre Benz on Unsplash

We all think back on the good old days. We believe that there used to be a time were everything was simpler and more peaceful.

Especially when you revisit series like “Friends”, “Seinfeld” and “South Park”, you quickly realize how much the social sphere has changed, in the last 20–30 years.

So does talking with your parents and grandparents. They use words that make you quickly survey the environment, afraid of the social police coming to arrest you for breaking the laws of modernized vocabulary.

I’ve been thinking about this transformation for a while. I’m not going to cover the…

Joren van Schaik

Writer & Video Editor of “Wolves Don’t Obey” on Youtube and Medium. We stand for Creativity, Courage, Focus & Performance— with a few rants.

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